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Hexagons Whistler Technology

How do we mitigate the risk of counterfeit components?

Standard Visual and Permanency testing is conducted in-house, but all further testing is outsourced to specialist laboratories. We have established relationships with, or we can utilise any existing approved Laboratories you already use.
N.B. Chargeable at cost – failed test costs covered by our Assured Program.

AAA Test Laboratories logo

AAA Test Laboratories

AAA Test Lab, Inc is an ISO/IEC 17025:2005, accredited, DLA approved independent test lab for electronic components, with advanced state of the art equipment. AAA offers test and analysis capabilities developed specifically to provide counterfeit detection analysis compliant with all aspects of AS6081.

Location - Florida, USA

Global Electronic Testing logo

Global Electronic Testing

Global Electronics Testing Services, LLC is an independent test lab is solely specialises in component authentication and electrical testing. They work to the following testing standards:

AS6081; AS6496; AS6171; AS6174; SAE AS5553 & AS5553A;
CCAP-101; IDEA-STD-1010-B; QTSL (DLA).

Location - Florida USA and Shenzhen China

Location - Pessac France

SERMA Technologies logo

SERMA Technologies

SERMA works with manufacturers and users of electronic components and conducts static, dynamic and functional measurements on all types of electronic components: passive, discrete, analogue, digital, mixed, ASIC, RF/Microwave, etc.

Location – Pessac France

Integra Technologies logo

Integra Technologies

Integra Technologies provide a full suite of counterfeit semiconductor detection methods to assist in determining IC authenticity. Their services range from simple marking and X-Ray inspection to full AC/DC/Functional testing across the entire operating temperature range.

Testing can be performed to a bespoke counterfeit specification or to industry standards such as SAE A6081, SAE AS5553 and IDEA-STD-1010B.

Location - Kansas USA