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Hexagons Whistler Technology

How do you mitigate the risk of counterfeit components?

We operate an Anti-counterfeit testing to Whistler Assured, AS6081 Level A, SPOC 419 or bespoke customer standards.

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Managing Risk

A proportionate risk management system has been established enabling us to handle any customer requirements, as identified during a detailed contract review. Thus ensuring we can meet and exceed all known requirements. As an independent distributor who sources franchised lines from around the world, we are well placed to provide every level of procurement support that your business needs.

Inspection processes designed around your needs

Customers regularly engage with us on many different levels and we provide absolute confidence that we can follow any bespoke client process required. We also recommend a standard approach that will meet the needs of their business and by a continuous analysis and review of our performance metrics relating to RFT and OTD.

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Managing Supply Chains

Our supply chain is graded and is under continual review. While we understand that the lowest risk product originates directly from the component manufacturer or franchise, we also know that this origin may not always be available, and that is where a robust process is required, and then everything revolves around risk mitigation.

Meeting your needs

We will guarantee under financial penalty that unless specific written authority has been agreed in advance, all delivered product will:

  • Have been purchased from a franchised sourced directly by us and will have all paperwork available.
  • Have full traceability back to the source, and make sure any restrictions you have advised we will adhere too.
  • Will undergo an agreed anti-counterfeit and electrical test with an approved Laboratory.
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In house testing

In our opinion, there is a negligible increase in risk when products are procured from an AS9120 approved and competent, independent distributor, assuming specific supply terms and restrictions have been agreed in advance. Whistler supply of goods which have been purchased directly from a franchise or through fully verifiable sources, with all required documentation and using independent testing as agreed; do not represent any additional product quality risks. Standard Visual and Permanency testing will be conducted in-house, but all further testing is outsourced to specialist laboratories.