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We have access to a trusted, estensive global sourcing network. To search for an electronic component, enter the part number in the box below and click 'search'.

Hexagons Whistler Technology

What electronic components do you need?

Whistler can find just about any part that you require, whether it’s in current production or obsolete, we can find it. Because we have established trusted long-term relationships throughout America, Europe, and Asia with large and small OEM’s, CEM’s and Sub-Contract Manufacturers.

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We provide our clients with:

  • Global sourcing enables us to acquire hard-to-find parts for discontinued models & equipment.
  • Market Intelligence into global inventories and sources through our Global Partners.
  • Counterfeit Detection and Testing between the market and our clients.

Hard to find or obsolete components

We specialise in sourcing a broad range of components, including active components, like IC’s, Memory and Processors; Passive components, such as Capacitors, Connectors and Switches.

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Computer products and peripherals

Hard Drives, LCD Displays, Graphics Cards and Motherboards. Across these product categories, we can find all the key worldwide manufacturers.