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Hexagons Whistler Technology

How could Whistler Assured and COMP help you?

COMP is a flexible monitoring and BoM appraisal solution and provides you with a safety net. It provides you with industry and sector intelligence relevant to the components you require.

Component Sourcing Obsolescence Management image 1

Flexible monitoring and BoM appraisal

COMP provides dynamic product change alerts, BoM health checks, predicted obsolescence dates and current life cycles. Live monitoring is designed to minimise the impact of obsolescence and reduce your costs by the early identification and use of appropriate strategies and resources.

Keeping you lean and compliant

  • Obsolescence Management with live BoM Health Checks.
  • Environmental compliance, ECCN Governance and Conflict Mineral Data.
  • Advanced Predictive obsolescence algorithms and Life Cycle data.
  • EOL, PCN and other real-time Alerts.
  • Available Drop in Fit-Form-Function alternatives.
  • Single and Multi-Source BoM line identification.
Component Sourcing Obsolescence Management image 2
Component Sourcing Obsolescence Management image 3

The benefits of COMP

  • Reducing the risk of exposure to obsolescence across the supply chain.
  • Decreasing the life support through obsolescence mitigation options, solutions and rewards.
  • Plan and execute a robust and tailored Obsolescence Management strategy.
  • Increasing client confidence in your ability to manage obsolescence and give your business a competitive edge.
  • We support you through a team of experienced individuals who care about your needs.