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Hexagons Whistler Technology

What price are you paying for not managing your inventory efficiently?

As new products are continually released, parts can go obsolete and lose value very quickly in today’s fast moving world.

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Realise the potential value of your excess stock

By using our consignment inventory management program we can help you realise the potential value of your excess stock, while you retain full control. From our secure warehouse, specifically designed for excess stock, we provide a fully tailored consignment inventory service.

Getting the best prices for your excess stock

Sold through consignment agreement, bought outright or marketed as excess. Your excess electronic components can be split, re-packaged and re-labelled as required to achieve the best price. Giving your business income on excess inventory while negating the time-consuming task of inputting the excess products onto your systems.

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Immediately free up space

We will manage your end-of-life and surplus products, freeing up valuable space in your warehouse. Our 11000sq ft. of company owned warehouse facilities are compliant to EN61340-5-1 and our processes are compliant with the stringent AS9120 Aerospace Standard.

Keeping you informed and in control

  1. 100% visual inspecting & detailed reporting
  2. Testing, packing and re-labelling
  3. Segregated consignment spaces
  4. Warehouse management
  5. Extensive market knowledge
  6. Highly trained, experienced salesperson
  7. Complete confidentiality
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