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We have access to a trusted, estensive global sourcing network. To search for an electronic component, enter the part number in the box below and click 'search'.

Hexagons Whistler Technology

What are your biggest electronic component challenges?

Helping electronics manufacturing OEMs to achieve component cost savings, realise excess stock value, and work smarter in a competitive market.

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Hard to find or obsolete components

We have a dedicated global team, sourcing hard-to-find components at the lowest possible prices, so we can keep acquisition costs at a minimum.

BoM Cost Reduction

BoM health checks to reduce costs and help you remain competitive in a challenging business environment. Proactively reducing the cost of materials and BoM in electronics assembly and manufacturing.

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Obsolescence Management

Reduce the heavy financial burden of companies with components sitting untouched on warehouse shelves by providing a fully tailored consignment inventory service.

Authorised Franchised Distributors

We have built a global network dedicated to meeting the needs of electronics manufacturers. In doing so, we supply electronic components direct from franchise & featured manufacturers.

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