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We have access to a trusted, extensive global sourcing network. Select below whether you would like to search for a single part or multiple parts in one go. Enter the part number for your required electronic component in the box below and click 'search'.

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We have access to a trusted, extensive global sourcing network. Select below whether you would like to search for a single part or multiple parts in one go. Enter the part number for your required electronic component in the box below and click 'search'.

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What's Whistler Assured?

If you want the highest levels of service to support your electronic component outsourcing, you're going to love this. Whistler Assured Programme is free to join and provides huge benefits for those procuring components and managing an electronics products’ lifecycle.


The benefits of Whistler Assured

There are many benefits to the Whistler Assured programme, it's been designed around the requirements of manufacturers in the electronics industry and their component supply chain needs. It provides commercial benefits like free delivery, an online portal and component search engine. But more importantly, Whistler Assured provides a free BOM intelligence service, with Whistler Wizard. Designed for engineering specification, compliance, and procurement of your electronic components. Providing a true picture of the composition of the products required from top to bottom. It provides a very acute product lifecycle map, enabling us to work closely with our Whistler Assured customers on their product design and forecasting needs.


Whistler Wizard

Whistler Component Wizard provides you with a safety net and additional eyes and ears.

Dynamic product change alerts, BOM health checks, predicted obsolescence dates and current life cycles, live monitoring is designed to minimise the impact of obsolescence and reduce your costs by the early identification and use of appropriate strategies and resources.

Whistler Wizard is a flexible monitoring and BoM appraisal solution, consisting of the following elements:

  • Obsolescence Management with live BoM Health Checks
  • Environmental compliance, ECCN Governance and Conflict Mineral Data
  • Advanced Predictive obsolescence algorithms and Life Cycle data
  • EOL, PCN and other real time Alerts
  • Available Drop in Fit-Form-Function alternatives
  • Single and Multi-Source BoM line identification


Whistler Component Wizard helps you stay ahead of the curve and solves problems by integrating your project’s bill of materials with obsolescence management, Product Change Notifications (PCN), End-Of-Life (EOL) notices, and Supply Chain alerts – pulling data from the industry’s largest electronic components database.


Whistler Assured Key Benefits

  • Free shipping on all orders
  • 24-month warranty
  • Guaranteed RFQ response time within 24 hours
  • Customer flow down management. (Contract Review)
  • Whistler Component Wizard
  • Pre-agreed sourcing routes
    •    Fully Traceable only
    •    Direct Manufacturer, Franchise or Agent only
    •    Whistler approved vendors and ‘Assured’ Inspection process
    •    Laboratory testing to enhanced standards
    •    AS5553/AS6081 - Bespoke e.g. SPOC419


Whistler Assured Testing Process

Whistler operate a robust process of Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation and Disposition based upon the principles AS6081. A fully evidenced process and the retention of key requirements including, source, cure dates, RoHS, Reach, ITAR and conflict mineral supplier declarations


The objective of the Whistler Assured Standard Testing Process is to determine the quality of each product, avoid counterfeit distribution and ensure each component sourced meets the compliance requirements of the relevant assured criteria (i.e. AS9120, AS6081, etc.). This is accomplished by running a suite of tests or to check conformity and certify the validity of the devices.


Laboratory testing to enhanced standards

Standard Visual and Permanency testing is conducted in-house, but all further testing is outsourced to specialist laboratories. We have established relationships with, or we can utilise any existing approved laboratories you already use. N.B. Chargeable at cost – failed test costs covered by our Assured Program.


Whistler Assured Portal

  • Upload your electronic components RFQ’s & BoM’s
  • View pending RFQ’s and responses
  • View open component orders
  • View invoices
  • View shipped orders
  • Manage electronic component returns
  • Use our Component Search Engine


Regardless of whether you require assistance in developing obsolescence management strategies or you would just like to monitor component availability, we’ve got it covered with Whistler Assured. Based upon a commitment to place a mutually agreed minimum volume of orders per annum, the calculated cost for the value-added services received as a member of ‘Whistler Assured’ has been estimated to be exceeding £15,000 per annum – in addition to the direct costs-down savings on products purchased on your behalf.

Get in touch with our team today to find out how much we could save you.

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