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ERAI Membership

Being a member of ERAI is important to Whistler Technology and the electronics sourcing services we provide to our customers.

ERAI membership helps us support our customers better

ERAI is the world leader in supplier and counterfeit electronic parts risk mitigation solutions. Being a member of ERAI is one of multiple quality assurance measures we subscribe to, so we can ensure the components we supply are the genuine products, and meet the highest quality standards.

We support purchasing teams worldwide across various industries, including Aerospace, Transportation, Medical, and Industrial Electronics.

Our specialism is the supply of obsolete, allocated, end-of-life, and hard-to-find passive, active, and electromechanical components. ERAI membership means we can confidently select our suppliers as parts we supply are procured from various sources, including franchised distributors, independent stocking distributors, and manufacturers directly - as well as access to excess stock holdings from our OEMs and CEMs.


ERAI membership keeps us informed to mitigate risk

ERAI, is the industry's top risk assessment provider, delivers exclusive services and comprehensive information empowering us to conduct industry-specific risk mitigation. The tools help us identify suspect counterfeit, high-risk, and non-conforming parts, as well as problematic suppliers and customers.

As an ERAI customer, we also benefit from staying informed about changing laws, industry trends, and counterfeiting techniques. ERAI shares this valuable knowledge through its website, social media, educational outreach, training, and networking opportunities. Being actively engaged in industry committees and task forces, ERAI integrates the best risk mitigation practices, supplier selection, and order screening. They truly understand and empathise with the challenges our industry faces in its core segments.


Can we help improve your component supply chain resilience?

With over two decades of experience, Whistler Technology has been dedicated to collaborating with customers in overcoming a wide array of day-to-day supply chain imbalances. Our team of experts excel in procuring the highest quality components, navigating through various supply and demand fluctuations, to effectively tackle your challenges and ensure seamless supply continuity for your business.

With our vetted supplier network, global testing facilities, and efficient logistics, we find and deliver your parts swiftly, ensuring unparalleled service.

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