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We have access to a trusted, extensive global sourcing network. Select below whether you would like to search for a single part or multiple parts in one go. Enter the part number for your required electronic component in the box below and click 'search'.

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Sourcing military and defence grade electronics

Helping manufacturers source military and defence grade electronics whether due to obsolescence, legacy, supply chain challenges or cost savings pressures.


The increase in military and defence grade electronics

The military world has rapidly evolved and relies on constellations of integrated information systems. This means that defence contracts, practices and supply chains require an ever increasing level of scrutiny. The future battlefields will be a diverse mix of integrated, dynamically evolving technology. Technology which operates in vastly different environments ranging from here on earth, to outer space. Every component selection is evaluated upon its expected lifecycle, reliability, and tolerance to environmental stresses. Because military and defence grade electronics typically need higher tolerances to withstand moisture, corrosion, dirt, and other contaminants beyond ordinary standard electronic applications, like radiation. The specification of every component is critical and often left to a trusted supplier who can provide the robust manufacturing support, and synchronise their capabilities with the military needs.


The supply chain challenges of manufacturing electronics for military and defence

Whether serving mission-critical applications or the more mundane, electronics play a vital role in the modern military. However, in recent years the electronics supply chain serving both civilian and military applications, has encountered significant challenges. Global shortages have lead to production delays and difficulties in accessing critical components. Despite the abundance of manufacturers and distributors for PCB components, defence contractors and military procurement officers must adhere to strict rules, quality standards and traceability requirements.

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ISO 9001 is the internationally recognised Quality Management System (QMS) standard.

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AS9120 is a standard that specifies the requirements for a quality management system (QMS) for stockist distributors in the aerospace industry.

The AS6081 standard establishes requirements and practices to mitigate the risk of buying, receiving and selling fraudulent/counterfeit parts.

Supplemental Purchase Order Conditions (SPOC) Manual details the requirements that are applicable when invoked by Honeywell Aerospace Purchase Orders.


Adhering to the defence electronics supply chain quality standards

The lives of military personnel depend on this equipment being right, so naturally only components meeting the highest quality standards and traceable to verified manufacturers are allowed in military electronic systems. However, component shortages typically present two procurement challenges; finding a reputable alternative partner with the relevant accreditations, who can source and supply the required components; navigating the increased risks of counterfeit components.


Sourcing hard to find military and defence grade electronic components

The complexity of dealing with component shortages combined with the risk of counterfeit procurement, underscores the necessity for working with an accredited procurement partner who can streamline the process. Whistler Technology’s quality control process is in conjunction with AS9120; ISO9001; AS6081; and SPOC 419. Which means we screen, check and double check every requirement to meet our defence contract customers standards. Meeting your expectations to get mission critical components on time, every time, making sure you can deliver your products to your contracted obligations. We understand the pressures and complex demands that you face in an increasingly volatile defence grade electronic market.


How Whistler Technology can help improve your component supply chain resilience

With over two decades of experience, Whistler Technology has been dedicated to collaborating with customers in overcoming a wide array of day-to-day supply chain imbalances. Our team of experts excel in procuring the highest quality components, navigating through various supply and demand fluctuations, to effectively tackle your challenges and ensure seamless supply continuity for your business.

With our vetted supplier network, global testing facilities and efficient logistics, we find and deliver your parts swiftly, ensuring unparalleled service.

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