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Hexagons Whistler Technology

Whistler Assured Program is free to join!

It takes away the administration burden as we will keep all procurement requirements logged in our system plus – making working with us faster and easier if time is an issue. There are many benefits to Whistler Assured:

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Customer Portal

  • Upload RFQ’s & BoM’s
  • View pending RFQ’s and responses
  • View open orders
  • View invoices
  • View shipped orders
  • Manage returns

Whistler Assured Added Value

  • Free shipping on all orders above £100
  • 24 month warranty
  • Guaranteed RFQ response time within 24 hours
  • Customer flow down management. (Contract Review)
Whistler Assured image 2
Whistler Assured image 3

Access to the Component Obsolescence Management Program

  • Pre-agreed sourcing routes
  • Fully Traceable only
  • Direct Manufacturer, Franchise or Agent only
  • Whistler approved vendors and ‘Assured’ Inspection process

Added Value estimated in excess of £15,000 p.a.

Based upon a commitment to place additional orders per annum, the calculated cost for the value added services received as a member of ‘Assured’ has been estimated to be in excess of £15,000 per annum.

Whistler Assured image 4

Laboratory testing to enhanced standards

Standard Visual and Permanency testing is conducted in-house, but all further testing is outsourced to specialist laboratories. We have established relationships with or we can utilise any existing approved Laboratories you already use. N.B. Chargeable at cost – failed test costs covered by our Assured Program.

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