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Midlands Aerospace Alliance Member

If you are an OEM or contract manufacturer, there are many benefits of purchasing electronic components via Whistler Technology, including our being a Midlands Aerospace Alliance (MAA) member.



The Midlands Aerospace Alliance (MAA) works closely with the UK's other regional aerospace alliances and the national body ADS, as well as with other European and world-wide aerospace clusters. It's a unique organisation in the Midlands – and one of the largest aerospace regional bodies in the world. It supports supply chain companies to develop new aerospace technologies, improve their competitive performance and win new business.


Providing access to a wide range of high-quality electronic components

Whistler Technology is a leading supplier of both commodity and difficult to source electronic components operating within in the Midlands region – but supplying clients across the world. We have a wide range of products in stock, including semiconductors, passives, connectors, and electromechanical components. This means that OEMs and contract manufacturers can find all of the components they need in one trusted source. Our expertise in electronic component sourcing means we can help OEMs and contract manufacturers find the right components for their specific needs, at the right price. They can also provide technical support and advice on component selection, design, and testing.


OEMs and contract manufacturers can also benefit from Whistler Technology being a member of the MAA by:

Accessing MAA's network of industry specific members: MAA members have a strong network of contacts in the aerospace and defence industries. This can be helpful for OEMs and contract manufacturers who are looking for new suppliers, partners, or customers.

Participation in MAA's events and training programs: MAA hosts a variety of events and training programs throughout the year. These events and programs can help OEMs and contract manufacturers stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and technologies. We would be delighted to host you as our guest on a MAA event.

There are many compelling reasons for OEMs and contract manufacturers to purchase electronic components via a Midlands Aerospace Alliance member like Whistler Technology. By doing so, you can gain access to a wide range of high-quality components, benefit from expert sourcing advice, save money, reduce risk, and support local businesses.