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JOSCAR Accredited Electronic Components Supplier

JOSCAR is an industry recognised pre-qualifier for organisations supplying electronic components into the aerospace, defence and security industries. It's a centralised repository of pre-vetted information which includes quality certifications, financial stability and information security measures.

Streamlining the procurement process, building trust and minimising risk


Benefits of JOSCAR for buyers

Single Source of Truth
Thousands of third parties in a single, searchable, reportable and easily accessible system

Reduced Procurement Timescales
Instant access to third party information therefore reducing the time needed to qualify new suppliers or renew contracts

High Quality Validated Information
Independently checked and validated information in accordance with a consistent, objective and continually updated process

Easy Regulatory Requirement
Comprehensive, accurate and regular updated insight into third party risk

Cost and Resource Efficient
Costs are shared amongst community members, significantly reducing the cost of an in-house solution

Peer Network
Access to the combined experience and resources of other members in the community with shared goals and challenges