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ERAI Member  Electronic Components Supplier

ERAI (Electronic Resellers Association International) is a global organisation that provides information, support, and resources to mitigate risks associated with the purchase and supply of electronic components. It maintains a database of information related to counterfeit, substandard, or suspect electronic components.


ERAI Membership Number: 195549184


Sourcing electronic components from an ERAI member like Whistler Technology is important for OEMs and contract manufacturers as it provides access to a wealth of information, supports risk mitigation efforts, encourages industry collaboration, and enhances overall supply chain security. Whistler Technology’s ERAI membership signifies a commitment to quality and integrity in the electronic components industry.


8 reasons why it is important to source electronic components via an ERAI member components suppliers like Whistler Technology:

1 - Access to Information: As an ERAI member, Whistler Technology has access to a comprehensive database that contains information about known counterfeit electronic components, suspect suppliers, and other relevant data. This information helps us make informed decisions about the authenticity and reliability of the components they are sourcing.

2 - Risk Mitigation: Counterfeit electronic components pose a significant risk to the reliability and safety of electronic systems. Being an ERAI member provides a platform for Whistler Technology to share and access information about counterfeit incidents, helping to identify and mitigate risks associated with suspect components.

3 - Industry Collaboration: ERAI fosters collaboration and communication among its members and the broader electronics industry. This collaborative approach is instrumental in helping Whistler Technology addressing the challenges posed by counterfeit components and enhancing overall supply chain security.

4 - Early Warning System: Being part of ERAI allows Whistler Technology, OEMs and contract manufacturers to benefit from an early warning system for potential issues with electronic components. As members Whistler Technology receive alerts and updates about suspect parts, suppliers, or emerging trends in the industry that may affect the quality and reliability of electronic components.

5 - Verification of Suppliers: Membership is only granted to reputable suppliers committed to the highest standards of quality and integrity. As ERAI members Whistler Technology adhere to a code of conduct. Sourcing from Whistler Technology provides assurance that we are dedicated to preventing the distribution of counterfeit components.

6 - Compliance and Due Diligence: As ERAI members Whistler Technology is encouraged to comply with industry standards and regulations related to the prevention of counterfeit components. Our ERAI membership demonstrates a commitment to due diligence in verifying the authenticity and quality of electronic components.

7 - Industry Recognition: Being associated with ERAI enhances Whistler Technology’s credibility within the electronics industry. OEMs and contract manufacturers may prioritise sourcing components from ERAI members like Whistler Technology as it reflects a commitment to quality and reliability.

8 - Training and Education: ERAI provides training and educational resources to its Whistler Technology, helping us stay informed about the latest developments in the field of counterfeit mitigation. This ongoing education is valuable for Whistler Technology and our customers alike in navigating the complexities of the electronic components market.