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AS9120 Accredited Electronic Components Supplier

AS9120 is a standard developed by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) specifically for distributors of aerospace commodity parts. It is based on the ISO 9001 quality management system standard but includes additional requirements specific to the aerospace industry.

OEMs and contract manufacturers supplying the aerospace sector, sourcing electronic components from AS9120 accredited suppliers like Whistler Technology is essential. This accreditation ensures compliance with aerospace-specific requirements, emphasises traceability and control, addresses the risks associated with counterfeit parts, and ultimately contributes to the overall safety and reliability of aerospace systems.



8 reasons why it's important to source electronic components via an ISO9001 accredited components suppliers like Whistler Technology:

1 - Aerospace-Specific Requirements: AS9120 incorporates aerospace-specific requirements and considerations that are not covered by ISO 9001 alone. This includes aspects related to traceability, documentation, and control of aerospace commodities, which are critical in the aerospace sector where precision and safety are paramount.

2 - Traceability and Control: AS9120 emphasises the importance of traceability in the aerospace supply chain. Accredited suppliers line Whistler Technology are required to establish and maintain procedures for the identification, documentation, and traceability of aerospace commodities, including electronic components. This traceability is vital for addressing issues, implementing recalls, and ensuring the integrity of components throughout their lifecycle.

3 - Risk Management: AS9120 places a strong emphasis on risk management, particularly in the context of counterfeit parts. Whistler Technology is required to implement processes to identify, control, and mitigate the risks associated with counterfeit electronic components. This is crucial for preventing the introduction of substandard or counterfeit parts into critical aerospace systems.

4 - Regulatory Compliance: The aerospace industry is highly regulated, and compliance with industry-specific standards is mandatory. AS9120 accreditation demonstrates a Whistler Technology's commitment to meeting and exceeding these regulatory requirements, providing confidence to OEMs and contract manufacturers that their supply chain adheres to the necessary aerospace standards.

5 - Quality Management System: AS9120 ensures that as accredited suppliers, Whistler Technology have a robust quality management system in place. This includes processes for product inspection, testing, and certification, all of which are essential for maintaining the high level of quality required in aerospace applications.

6 - Improved Supplier Performance: AS9120 accreditation requires Whistler Technology to establish criteria for the selection, evaluation, and monitoring of their own suppliers. This ensures that the entire supply chain, including sub-tier suppliers, maintains the same level of quality and reliability.

7 - Enhanced Customer Confidence: AS9120 accreditation is widely recognised in the aerospace industry. OEMs and contract manufacturers can have greater confidence in the components sourced from Whistler Technology, knowing that we adhere to industry-specific quality and traceability standards.

8 - Consistency in Documentation: AS9120 includes requirements for documentation control, ensuring that accurate and up-to-date documentation is maintained. This is crucial for aerospace applications, where comprehensive documentation is often required for compliance and certification purposes.